History Intersections EDITION 2
History Intersections EDITION 2
History Intersections EDITION 2
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History Intersections EDITION 2

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This is the all NEW and UPGRADED History Intersections, included a complete new section on the Ancients, which features all prophets of Islam!

History Intersections covers all topics from the Ancients to the Modern era that are relevant for Muslims. It adds and explains to topics mentioned or brushed over in the regular history resources. In addition, it places the Islamic historical events in context of the larger global history.

This book is a necessary companion book for History Connections series; for primary grades History Intersections is used in book 2 through 4, and for middle grades it is used in all 4 books. You will only need to purchase History Intersections once for the entire History Connections program.

For students who attend a regular school without any Islamic education, this book is a Plug and Play solution. Simply identify what your child is studying at school and look up the Islamic integrations for that topic.

This is a book every Muslim family should have on the shelf!

Double spread of Lineage of the Prophets (alayhim salaam)
Double spread of the Description of Muhammad (sallAllahu alayhi wa salam)

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With constantly increasing prices, we understand that sometimes, we can all use a choice. Therefore, we are now offering our History Intersections ed. 2 in two different print options: a premium version and an economic version. The Premium version is premium printing on premium paper. The economic version is lower quality color printing on the same premium paper. This way, every Muslim family can still have this book on the shelf! 

Did you know we offer live online courses for our history programs grades 1-8? Read more about this HERE.