History Connections Middle Grades - Book 4 Modern - Full Package

This fourth book of History Connections covers the Modern era and integrates Islamic history. In addition, it teaches important skills to students, such as note taking, outlining, concept mapping, biographies, PowerPoint presentations, infographics, and more. This program is most suitable for middle grades: grade 7 & 8.

This is the Full set that you would need to teach the Modern Era. The Full Package is suitable for families that do NOT already have the History Intersections EDITION 2.

This set includes:
Book 4 Modern
Book 4 Modern Maps & Rubrics
Book 4 Modern Parent Pages
Tree Trunk Timeline (60x90cm, to be assembled)
World Wall Map (60x90cm, to be assembled)
History Intersections EDITION 2 (used in books 1 through 4 of the program, so you only buy it once)

NOT INCLUDED (but needed):
The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia ISBN: 978-0753468753 (used in book 3 and 4, so you buy it once for both years)